IGaming is a large industry that connects many shareholders, from players and operators to jurisdictional authorities and financial institutions. As lucrative as it may seem (after all, it is a market of around 50 million dollars), iGaming does not promise a successful operation and high profits in each launch. It is highly competitive (several giants and many smaller companies are in a strong position), depends largely on external factors such as government regulation (changes in legislation can boost your business or ruin all efforts) and requires a lot of planning strategic and marketing investments (a fairly large number of game start ups fail because there is no adequate marketing strategy). The desire to succeed is always good, but not enough. The experience and in-depth knowledge of the industry with all its obstacles and bottlenecks are more important in building a strong new business.If there are people besides experienced operators who know iGaming really well, they are the affiliates. Affiliate marketing is an integral part of the entire Internet business today, but it is specially developed in the online casino branch. Because many traditional means of promotion are not available for online casinos due to rigid regulation, affiliates are playing a large role in a casino promotion strategy and the really good ones get good benefits. To attract direct traffic to a casino, they receive a fixed payment for each player or a certain percentage of the casino’s income, which can reach up to 50%. Many successful affiliates who have achieved a certain level of profit and have established a good reputation in the iGaming world realize that it is time to try their luck and start their own casino business. It is almost impossible to find better candidates because affiliates know almost everything about iGaming, and most importantly, they know how to market it.

These are the reasons why affiliates become excellent operators:
1. Deep knowledge of the industry. Affiliates always have up-to-date information on all aspects of iGaming. Most of the affiliated websites are dedicated to gambling. By providing useful information to potential players, they learn all the ins and outs of the business and gain a perfect understanding of the industry they can use to start their own business.

2. Know the player’s preferences. Affiliate sites often offer several rankings and see which casinos and casino games are most popular among users. With this information at hand, they can design their own casino in the most appropriate way, offer adequate bonuses, offer the best selection of games and ensure that all facets of the site fully meet the expectations of potential players.

3. Good reputation in the market. Quality affiliate websites are very popular among players. The owners of these sites are also known by the users thanks to the live broadcast or the blogs they are doing. If players trust affiliates, they will most likely join the casino where the affiliate will start.

4. Established relationship with the operators and other market shareholders. Casino operators and affiliates are usually best friends, as both strive to build a mutually beneficial partnership. An affiliate can benefit from the experience and knowledge of the operator and, even when creating competition, expect some support. Through the operator, an affiliate can contact an online casino software provider, payment system providers, jurisdictional authorities, etc.

5. Perfect knowledge of marketing, SEO and promotion techniques. Last, but not least, affiliates know everything about online casino marketing. They are top-level professionals in search engine optimization and know how to get to top positions in Google by providing new and relevant content, link building, paid ads, etc. If they make a living promoting the websites of other operators, they will definitely succeed in promoting their own casino.

With all of the above success factors in place, an affiliate can start his way as an operator in the iGaming business. The marketing strategy is probably ready and that’s not a small part, but before it comes to promotion, there are several important steps to make.

1.Choose software provider.
2.Provide game content.
3.Think about legal issues.
4.Decide upon the financial scheme.

When the affiliate goes through the process of launching the website and all legal and financial matters are attended by professionals, you can officially call casino operator. It is the right time to show the best of what you can: marketing.