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Online gambling continues to grow ing the United Kingdom

The local gambling commission revealed that online gambling is still the main income in the United Kingdom. United Kingdom. – The Commission of Bets of the United Kingdom revealed Thursday the financial numbers of the operations in line and terrestrial in the territory. The data was recorded during the twelve-month period that ended in September 2016. The latest figures reveal that the online gambling is the top income scorer with £ 4.46 billion, compared to £ 4.23 billion reached in the 12 months between April 2015 and March 2016. Online casino revenues remain the most important betting service in the United...

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How an Affiliate Can Become a Successful Operator

IGaming is a large industry that connects many shareholders, from players and operators to jurisdictional authorities and financial institutions. As lucrative as it may seem (after all, it is a market of around 50 million dollars), iGaming does not promise a successful operation and high profits in each launch. It is highly competitive (several giants and many smaller companies are in a strong position), depends largely on external factors such as government regulation (changes in legislation can boost your business or ruin all efforts) and requires a lot of planning strategic and marketing investments (a fairly large number of...

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Soccer bets are usually made by two types of bettors: those who bet to win and those who bet on fun. Whatever the type, the ultimate goal is to beat your bookmaker. Although football is very unpredictable (that’s what makes football bets even more tempting), you can follow certain guidelines to increase your chances of winning. The first rule is to be very clear and sure about how to bet and what to bet. Always keep in mind the following points before betting on a team: Team form: Always check the form and recent actions of the team. If...

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Live social responsibility with data driven intervention

iGaming Industry Council, a group of industry experts gathered by Clarion Events, met on March 10 to analyze the key trends, challenges and opportunities for the industry to guarantee its success until 2020 and beyond.Using the innovative and organic Open Space methodology, the group went through 25 topics proposed at the beginning of the day. One of the key issues discussed was the growing importance of data, both for more personalized communication with consumers and for responsible gaming. A deltaDNA representative, Keith Adair, participated in the meeting and based on the findings he shared with CEO Mark Robinson, the...

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Use your mind in the right direction and implement the best sports betting strategies

It is not a mistake to bet everything is about using your mind in the right direction and implementing strategies that can help you achieve your goals. Before we start, I want to talk about strategy and how to define it. In desperate conditions, the strategy is a way of gaining competitive advantage and to get that advantage, you’re going to be a little different from those in the ballroom. We totally agree with the fact that finding an edge is a hard job because this game revolves around the concept of making money which is not a simple...

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